The site is a commemorative gesture, on my completion of two decades of unbroken stint in Art Journalism.

While Physics enthused me in the academic studies, Music and Journalism turned obsessions as I grew up. Strangely enough, all the three jointly moulded the person I am today. Decision to take to the vocation of teaching physics was taken as early as the pre- university days. Teaching the ‘science of energy' by itself was an energising experience. 34 years including five years in West Africa – I enjoyed every moment I had shared with my students both indigenous and alien.

As a lecturer in the college, the performer in me – I had undergone training in Western Music gradually metamorphosed into an organiser. Soon, the journalist in me took cognizance of the scant coverage of art and culture by the media. I turned a self-styled correspondent reporting important cultural events to Indian Express.

Then, the five years of foreign jaunt was an interregnum. Back to the pavilion in 1983 armed with all the tools of journalism except a professional qualification, I resumed the journalistic exploits unabatedly. A post graduate diploma in Journalism with a first rank from the PRSI was a morale booster. Since then I never had to look back, except now. Innumerable are the reviews, interviews, features and articles that Indian Express , Economic Times , The Hindu and The New Indian Express have carried over the past 20 years. From 1994, I stuck only to The Hindu and it continues even today.

All these pursuits apart, I have been invited to give lectures, present papers and also to moderate seminars on Music, Dance and Journalism by many institutions including universities across the country.

The site showcases select pieces from among them. Hope, wish and pray they would be beneficial to the visitors.

Warm regards to them.

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